Meredith Vieira and Magee Hickey Take This Comedy Seriously

Scrambled Eggs

com•e•dy n. a dramatic work in which the central motif is the triumph over adverse circumstance, resulting in a successful or happy conclusion.

This is the classic technical definition of the word “comedy” as I learned it in theatre school. Notice the juxtaposition of the words “dramatic”, “adverse”, “triumph”, “successful” and “happy”. The words “dramatic” and “adverse” allude to the conflict every one of us experience in life which is a necessary element of all literature and theatre. The next two words reflect the extraordinary reservoir of energy that all human beings possess to overcome their situations. And, finally, “happy” is indicated as being the end result. In short, what’s comedy? It’s life!

Thus, comedy is more than a momentary diversion from our wants and worries. It’s an important art form. It holds up a mirror to the insanities of our existence and gives us pause to laugh at them…

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