Stop Focusing on Virality

Speaking of sharing, I share this opinion. Be sure to follow the links in this piece as they lead to some very thought-provoking content – about content.


It’s fascinating the number of brands pouring money into one branded video, with the hopes that it will go viral. The perfect aesthetic. The perfect concept. The perfect talent. The perfect message. The perfect execution. The perfect waste of money.

Think about the last video you shared. Or the last video shared with you. Seriously, think about it. What was it? What did you add as the caption or intro when sharing? I’ll tell you mine. My last three (to my last three hundred) shared pieces of content were posted on social media or sent via email, tagged with a variation on one of the three following themes:

  1. Thought you might find this useful…
  2. This made me think of you…

In fact, I’m not alone in my approach to this. A recent NY Times report on The Psychology of Sharing indicates that people share primarily for 1 of 5…

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