The Show Must Go On…

This article by John Howard Swain is a wonderful example of how to use one’s own experience to deliver a relevant message on a business blog. It got a warm and heartfelt response from his readers. A personal anecdote is so much more engaging and effective than simply stating an axiom, such as “be true to yourself”. By revealing something of himself in this piece, John is creating an intimacy with his audience which in turn helps build a loyal following. Enjoy!

The Science & Art of Acting for the Camera

imagesThat refrain is a testament of our dedication as performers. We’ve all known someone (or been someone) who got up out of a sick bed with a temperature of 104 and gave a show stopping performance. Or did West Side Story on a broken ankle.

But what about the flip side of the coin? What if you’ve accepted a role in a show and then discovered you had made a colossal mistake. Would you stick with it and die a thousand tiny deaths at each performance or would you screw up your courage and get out?

That’s a choice I was faced with several years ago.

Here’s what happened: I’m living in LA. I’m in the middle of a nasty divorce. I’m sleeping on a friend’s couch and trying to pull my life back together. I’m also in the midst of changing agents – another divorce of sorts – and I…

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