Complex digital media problems? solved!

Hi, I’m Ray Schaub. I founded Simply Social. The mission: Tackle complex digital media projects that leverage a broad and eclectic skill set.

Ray Schaub Digital Marketing Headshot

I’m a writer and content developer. I’m also an experienced businessman, consultant and programmer – all essential to what I do now in the online world. I can be a one-stop shop for all things digital, including initial web design, content strategy, copywriting, social media, and online advertising. Or I can focus on projects such as content development or lead generation.

My background spans human resources, technology, marketing and the arts. I deliver content ranging from short-form copywriting to long-form ghostwriting in a cost-effective and timely manner. I strategize marketing plans and devise social media campaigns. I develop small business websites and manage large-scale content projects. I’m particularly adept at high tech and healthcare.

I find your brand voice. I control its tone and pitch from pragmatic to compassionate to humorous as the moment requires. I look for the emotional hook to engage your audience. I brainstorm ways to entangle them in your brand. I weave in SEO and obey design constraints. I create text, graphics, audio and video. I participate in asset and image selection. I write ads that drive leads. I’m very sensitive to your bottom line.

I come with project management, account management and business development skills. I help you grow and maintain your operation. I have a keen sense of ownership for every project I undertake. I’m in the room with you for the client pitch, kick-off meeting, or handholding session. Most of all, I try do it all with a sense of fun!

I want to hear about the digital problems you’re facing, whether you’re a startup or worldwide conglomerate, an agency or a direct engagement. I forge long-term relationships with clients, most of whom become repeat customers.

Talk to me.

I’m listening.