Getting People Into the Seats


Many is the night I stood in the back of the theater so grateful that we would be playing the show to another full or very nearly full house yet again. I could not be more grateful for what you did on behalf of the show both in terms of getting people into the seats but also in terms of raising awareness among so many people about the play, the production and its existence.

Matthew Penn
Director, Scrambled Eggs

Two Words for You

Dear Ray,

Thank you for having put Scrambled Eggs and all of us on the map of the theater world, and in the way of everyone’s attention in the last bunch of months, weeks, days.

In the new play I’m rehearsing for the Active Theater, Timepiece, the director, who’d been to see our show, asked me the other day how we’d had such a sold out audience for such a short run and I said “I have 2 words for you… Ray Schaub.”

Its been a pleasure.  I look forward to more! Thank you for being so good at what you do!

Amy Van Nostrand

Actress, Scrambled Eggs

Stellar Work!


Stellar work on the production! Your efforts went a long way to ensuring that we played to great houses each and every night.

Congrats on a job well done! I hope we get to work on something else soon. (and of course let’s keep our eye on the ball for a future run of SE!)

Jim Frangione
Actor, Scrambled Eggs

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