Sample Content

Video Content

Many useful tools exist for the inexpensive production of effective video content for your business. The key is in the messaging. Here’s a brief example of what can be achieved rather quickly at minimal cost.

Business Presentations

Free and Simple Social Media Plan

Along with PowerPoint, companies have many platforms which can be used to deliver effective presentations. Check out this interactive presentation about content marketing developed using a wonderful tool called Prezi.

Full Campaign Development

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Intentional Shift was founded by three women: Brenda Michaels, Marsha Mercant and Marla Williams. Brenda and Marsha had co-authored a book titled The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to Healing. Not only did they want to promote it online, but they wanted to create a movement to support cancer sufferers and others facing life’s deepest challenges through counseling, workshops and speaking engagements. To that end, we set up a WordPress site and blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, a YouTube channel and a Constant Contact email campaign, all to help generate traffic to various events, such as book signings and lectures.

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Website/Brochure Copy

RW Butler Capital Inc. is a retirement income specialist based in Biddeford, Maine owned by Richard Butler. As part of Richard’s inbound marketing campaign, he needed compelling website copy that would pass regulatory compliance review, as well as a method for reaching out to customers and prospects on a regular basis. His website was coordinated with an email campaign and other marketing tools to help generate client referrals from third-party marketing vendors that specialize in supplying pre-reviewed content. Read a long-form writing sample here..

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