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Website/Brochure Copy

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Oftentimes, as you embark on a content-driven marketing campaign the first piece of content that has to be addressed is your website along with collateral material such as brochures and white papers. Once it’s in shape, we can drive traffic to your website and publish the collateral material using various social media streams such as Facebook and email. This was exactly the case with Ocean Drive, a high-amenity drug and alcohol treatment facility in Southeast Florida. Click here to review the website copy for Ocean Drive.

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Technical and Ghost Writing

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Having spent more than twenty years as a computer consultant, I’m particularly adept at writing on business software-related issues, with experience in crafting white papers, technical manuals and even For Dummies… titles. Click here for a writing sample.

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English-to-English Translations

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What, pray tell, is an English-to-English translation? Well, in today’s world of easily accessible translation tools, many foreign companies simply cut-and-paste these translations into their websites. At a certain point they discover that the translation may not be all that accurate, elegant or intelligent. Also, there are many English-speaking countries whose dialects simply do not sound either American or British. Singapore, for instance, lists English as an official language. However, their syntax can often differ from ours dramatically, making it somewhat confusing for a Westerner to understand. In some cases, the client doesn’t want to sound like a native-English speaker because being a foreign company offers a certain caché. In such cases, they simply want to be sure that the content is clear and that there are no embarrassing mistakes in the text. Click here to watch a video that was originally written in Danish by the advertising firm Fröhlich&me.

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General Business & Marketing Consulting

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As our relationship grows, you’ll discover how handy it is to have access to someone with 25+ years experience in starting and running small businesses. Evolved Media is a technology publishing company that services Fortune 100 clients. Several years ago, the owner and founder, Dan Woods, sat down with me to go over some of the marketing and management challenges he was facing at the time. I helped him craft a plan that not only addressed the immediate issues but that has held him in good stead ever since. That’s my goal when I dispense advice: That it serves you for a very long time.

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